Physiological needs are the for every individual, as they are vital for survival.

When people lack access to basic necessities like clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food, and adequate shelter they may experience not only extreme discomfort but also physical illnesses that hinder their daily functioning.

It's challenging to focus on anything else when these core needs are unmet.

Shared Goal Rooted in compassion

Only when these physiological needs are satisfied can individuals begin to direct their attention towards addressing other dimensions of their lives.

Furthermore, a considerable number of differently-abled individuals from underprivileged families face malnutrition and don't even have access to a mattress and blanket for a comfortable night's sleep.

Shared Goal Rooted in compassion

The "Grains of Goodness" campaign serves as a unifying force, bringing together the entire community, including businesses, hospitals, schools, and universities, to collaborate and provide essential supplies like sembako (food staples), vitamins, mattresses, and blankets to these differently-abled individuals.

It is only when they receive the support and nourishment provided by the "Grains of Goodness" campaign that there is an opportunity for their bodies to grow strong and healthy, thus improving their overall quality of life

Shared Goal Rooted in compassion

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