Companies. These collaborative efforts showcase the positive influence businesses can have on society,fostering a sense of responsibility and care within the corporate world.

Past Collaboration with Companies. Interaksi ENR Opsi PT ENR. This initiative strengthens the bond between the corporate community and our students, promoting inclusivity and joy.

Ultah CIMB. and capture the joy in a video to share with the wider CIMB community.

Bazaar LRT. Additionally, vocational students seize the opportunity to showcase and sell their products at a bazaar.

    List of collaborators:

    1. Global Coconut
    4. Asuransi Sinarmas
    5. Batik Keris Pusat Kerajinan Nusantara
    6. ExonMobil
    7. Roro Artha Sentosa
    8. Kid Zania
    9. TMS
    10. Golder
    11. IPGMB
    12. Alfamart
    13. BNI
    14. Equentia Natural Resources
    15. Rich Accessories

    Hospitals. This collaborative approach creates a symbiotic relationship where healthcare professionals and our organization join forces to create a more inclusive and informed society.

    Past Collaboration with Hospitals. Webinar Mr. Scott contributing to the well-being and development of individuals within the special needs community.

    Birthday Columbia. Their thoughtful contributions create lasting memories and positively impact the well-being of those we serve.

      List of collaborators:

        1. Rumah Sakit Jantung Jakarta
        2. Rumah Sakit GigiDan Mulut Yarsi
        3. Columbia Asia
        4. Rumah Sakit  Yarsi
        5. Rumah Sakit Umum Uki Jakarta 1973,Melayani Bukan Dilayani

        The British Woman Associations and Women International Club explain their products, and develop skills in bill writing and currency exchange, fostering valuable real-world learning opportunities.

        Organizations Organizations can foster meaningful collaborations with us in diverse ways. By offering job employment opportunities for our vocational students through bazaars at their events, they contribute to financial independence and fostering inclusion. Serving as volunteers, organizations can become teacher assistants, create resource materials, assist with field trips, and impart valuable skills like baking, cooking, and painting.

        Additionally, participating in donation positively impacting the lives of individuals with special needs and contributing to the broader goals of community welfare.

        The British Woman Associations and Women International Club and develop skills in bill writing and currency exchange, fostering valuable real-world learning opportunities.

        Dedicated volunteers showcasing the impact of skill-building in creating opportunities for self-expression and financial independence.

        List of collaborators:

        Online Organizations


        1. Konekin
        2. Donation for nation
        3. Difabel Bersatu Untuk Berdaya,Sahubat Disabilitas
        4. Teman Autis


        Offline Organizations

        1. Perkumpulan Wisata Indo
        2. Peduli Tuna Daksha(Limbs for Limbless)
        3. Rumah Cerebral Palsy
        4. Potads
        5. Masyarakat Peduli Autis Indonesia
        6. Cahaya Cintu Heesa
        7. Yapesdi,Yayasan Peduli Syndroma Down Indonesia
        8. Jakarta You For Performing Arts
        9. Indo Indians
        10. Avagama Priyata ,Women International Club Jakarta
        11. American Women’s association Of Indonesia
        12. British Women’s Association,Jakarta
        13. Indian Women Association
        • Government Bodies

        Our collaboration with various government bodies encompasses diverse activities, from utilizing their venues for our awareness day celebrations to connecting us with underprivileged special needs individuals in need of vital support such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, vitamins, and basic supplies. These partnerships extend beyond material aid, as government bodies also facilitate raising awareness about special needs. Inviting us as resource persons for seminars and workshops, they actively involve us in the formulation of laws pertaining to special needs individuals, fostering a more inclusive and supportive legal framework. This multifaceted collaboration highlights the collective effort to address the challenges faced by the special needs community, bridging gaps and advocating for positive change through governmental support and awareness initiatives.


        Past Collaboration with Organizations

        Bazaar Pemerintah

        Dekranasda (Dewan Kerajinan Nasional) of DKI Jakarta showcases products crafted by our vocational unit students in their shops, creating a platform for exposure and sales. In collaborative events, our vocational students set up stalls, offering a firsthand experience in entrepreneurship and empowering them to display and sell their unique creations.

        Dinas Jasa Marga, Pemprov DKI Jakarta, Dinas Kehutanan, and others illuminate Jakarta’s iconic landmarks like Monas, Bundaran HI, and pedestrian bridges with specific colors on awareness days. This visual initiative, such as green for CP Day, blue for Autism Awareness Day, and a spectrum of colors for World Disability Day, effectively raises awareness.


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